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   Contact Us
  Blaft Publications Pvt. Ltd.
4/192 Elliamman Koil Street
Chennai 600 041, INDIA

Phone:+91 98840 06145

Email: blaft@blaft.com
Web: www.blaft.com
  Our books are distributed in India by Westland Books and in the US by Small Press Distribution.

  Submission Guidelines:

Translators: We like to get submissions and proposals from translators, especially those working with languages that are underrepresented in English translation. Please mail us at blaft[at]blaft.com.

Comics Artists / Graphic Novelists: Please send submissions of complete or nearly complete short comics and graphic novels to blaft[at]blaft.com. If your graphic novel still only exists as an idea in your head, please wait to contact us until you've actually got something to show.

Writing in English: Though we do publish some English fiction, it is not our main focus. You can send manuscripts or samples to submit[at]blaft.com, but be aware that we often get more English manuscript submissions than we have time to get around to reading, and we can be (very) slow to respond.

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