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Title: Things We Found During the Autopsy
Author: Kuzhali Manickavel
ISBN-13: 9789380636177
Price: Rs  350
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Description: Things We Found During the Autopsy is South Indian writer Kuzhali Manickavel's second collection of short fiction, in which she presents a dizzying array of apocalyptic visions and fractured childhood memories.

These stories contain the following: a dragon; angels; Indian culture; one Christmas story for children; no Indian culture whatsoever; men; poor people; voluntarily homeless youths; women; drugs; sex; Indian dads in cold foreign countries; vomit; boys; girl's hostels; girls; future tense; the Tropicool Icy-Land Urban Indian Slum; ash, and the people who eat ash; authentic village life written from a privileged English-speaking perspective; homosexuals; white people; references to Rajinikanth; non-italicized Tamil words; whores; brain aneurysms; Western dance in South Indian women's colleges; Pazhani; floods; shapeshifters; men named Kathir; minty-fresh non-cola cola; and wannabe Naxalites.

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