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Title: Where Are You Going, You Monkeys? — Folktales from Tamil Nadu
Author: by Ki. Rajanarayanan
translated from the Tamil by
Pritham K. Chakravarthy
ISBN-13: 9788190605649
Price: Rs  350
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Description: Ki. Rajanarayanan has spent the last three quarters of a century collecting the weirdest and wildest tales of the karisal mannu, the black-soil region around Kovilpatti, Tamil Nadu.

This book contains a gallery of jealous husbands and conniving goddesses, pious sparrows and randy mice, jewel-crazy girl ghosts and angry star demons, as well as a chapter of "naughty & dirty" folktales!

"This delightful collection fully lives up to—enhances—Blaft’s young but confident standing." —Vijay Nambisan in the Deccan Herald

Watch Ki. Ra. telling a story
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